A downloadable game for Windows

One bullet is all you need.

Ricochet off walls and smash through enemies - hunt your target.

Made for the notGDCjam 2019 bySeb Corson

!! UPDATE: Ricochet.zip recommended due to file size and minor bug fix !!

Additional  3D assets - credits:

Yaroslav / Simpo / Artur Pokidko / Vernen Boucher / painedadj91

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnreal Engine
Tagsbullet, minimalism, notgdcjam, Singleplayer, slow-motion, ue4, unreal, Unreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip the zip/rar file  and run the contained exe

[ZIP file recommended]


Ricochet_64-bit.zip 149 MB
Ricochet_32-bit.zip 124 MB
OLD file - Ricochet.rar 405 MB


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It was short and fun. We enjoyed it very much.

Now it is time for more levels!!!


It was not what I expected but it was very enjoyable and it gave me an idea for another game! (what I originaly thought this game would be)

Really fun little game, however I wish there was some more information or goals as I was a little confused which target to shoot, also I missed a lot so it would have been cool if there was a penalty for missing some people. But other than that, I really enjoyed this game and I found it quite unique!

I really want a replay feature so i can watch the whole thing in real time.

well it wouldn't be real time if it's a replay :) 

I couldn't stop myself, sorry

It was awesome! It's sad this game has only one level.. But thank you for this game! :)

YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT!! Love this game

i love the game yet feel there should be a little more content. something like a timer to beat you time score or a score to beat of how much you smashed. i feel that through the 5th or 6th play it starts to get bland. but the game did keep me entertained for about 45 minutes so good game. just there could be a tad bit more.

I liked the concept for this game!  It's short but very cool! 

I stumled upon this game by a sheer coincidence, and am I glad i did. Really cool concept that I've never seen before. Kinda addictive too, think I played thorugh it like 5 times or something. Really curious to see what this game has in store for us in the future, if the development continues (PLEASE DO). 

You did a really good job with this game. It looks nice, the mechanics work well and it's a really cool idea. 

Now we just need to get more levels, FAST! 

Interested to see some game play please stop by and if you do comment below the video your from here thanks love the support!

I found this game as I was browsing for new games on Itch.IO and holy moly, man. This game blew me away.

I loved the gameplay as well as the mechanics of it. The fact that you have to rely on ricochet and using just one bullet to complete the level/game fascinated me.

The set up as well as the models reminded me a lot of SuperHot (which is one of my favorite games) and I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game and recording it on my channel.

Really hope you make more levels to play through because this game is one of those games where i just want to replay it over and over again.

Does anyone know if it's a windowed game? It might just be that my computer is messing with me but I don't know.

loved the game! wondering if you will a counter? or if there is an actually end game? what are the plans you have for this game in the future!

there is an ending if you go through enough doors there will be a blue enemy to attck and win. dont wont to spoil to much though! ;)


thats Fair! lol thats for information and ill take another wack at it!

i thorughly enjoyed this game, the only personal preference would be to have some background music cause its just quiet and kind of eary in a way but other than that great job!

Thanks! Really enjoyed the video and I want all the feedback I can get. Definitely got a lot of tweaks to make once it' developed further.

(sorry to hear about Sekiro)

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. The focus on the main mechanic was very apparent and the game felt very fluid. I played through about three times and every new game felt fresh even though it was the same layout. Great replayability and I hope this project gets more content. 8/10 Good game. Keep up the good work LordSebbington!

Thank you! Really nice of you to say :)  I've got a lot of refinements to make  and I want to double down on the mechanic and keep pushing and refining it. Plus more than one level would be nice :D

Sweet. Looking forward to that.

I absolutely love this game, wish there was more levels and some funky tunes but all in all a great dose of fun with satisfying kills ^^

Thanks! The response has been great and the feedback's absolutely invaluable. Got  lot to take away and work with :)

this not run in 64 bits

No sorry, it doesn't right now. I'll be uploading an additional 64 bit file later today

This is one high dose of fun, awesome work! And it's just as cool when you try to do headshots and when avoiding every single person until the end. :) 


Thank you! I really enjoyed watching the video and the feedback is a huge help

Just brilliant. So simple, but so satisfying. It's always really nice to see a jam title focus really hard on one mechanic, and this is why!


Thanks so much! Really enjoyed watching your video, seeing people pick up and react to the mechanics is super helpful to me. I really appreciated how constructive your comments were too :D

That's pretty epic. thought it was just gonna be superhot, but it had its own cool style and twist.

Glad you liked it :D 

Not sure which version you played but the zip file has a different difficulty setting that I've found much more enjoyable.